You know I’m a crocheter.  I love to crochet, and most times I can’t do anything else.  Spinning, perhaps.  But knitting?  Knitting isn’t my thing.


I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket.  It’s not blocked, but I think the ripples are quaint.  The bind off was crazy, but I’m glad to be done with it.

I thought I was done with knitting for a while.  Finished one project, why would I want to do more?  But I follow KNITFreedom and Liat put up a wonderful post with a pattern for a worsted weight toe up sock with heel flap.  It’s the greatest thing ever.  I love toe-up, and the gusset is wonderful, and heel flaps are lovely – each sock took me just a day to make.  I don’t have a picture because my mom snatched them up, but they were a fun project.

Then, you see, I had these metal 9″ US1 circulars from my great grandmother.  And I really wanted to make something on them.  They were just too cute.  So I started A Day at the Circus with some random yarn I had lying around.  But, disaster struck and the wire from the cord of the circulars started to unravel.  Now it’s on DPNs.

I haven’t even finished that but I wanted to start another project.  Because, you know, stockinette stitch with color work is interesting, but sometimes you want something different to do.  So I looked at the yarn I had available (it’s so barren here!  I can’t wait to get back to Chicago to be with my yarn again.) and decided on the Ventura Wrap.  It’s such a lovely, simple pattern.  The size of the needles isn’t my favorite thing – and I’m only using 15s – but it’s nice once you get into it.  And the netting is so pretty.

It’s destined for a pretty tree somewhere.

Meanwhile, my Lorenz Manifold is being further neglected, the doily bag is hibernating, and I haven’t gotten around to really starting on my sister’s pineapple lace loose sweater.  I’m telling you, I’m infected!  Infected with knitting!

Is there help?  Medications?  Interventions?